Initiatives and Institutions Promoting AS

(This list requires further editing: Consideration for tables and the possibility of rating of the sites)
  • AntibioticAction: The Arms Race. Antibiotic Action is a direct outcome of TheUrgentNeedInitiative, from the British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC), and exists to inform all about the need for discovery, development and appropriate use of antibiotic agents. See the explanatoryvideofor more details.

  • Antibiotic Awareness Day is an initiative from ECDC(European Centres for Diseases Control). The European Antibiotic Awareness Day is an annual European public health initiative that takes place on 18 November to raise awareness about the threat to public health of antibiotic resistance and prudent antibiotic use. It provides access to factsheets, postersandotherinformationalmaterials on prudent antimicrobial use.

  • APIC is an association of american infection preventionists which includes antimicrobial stewardship as one of its goals/tools

  • APUA (Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antimicrobials). Non-governmental organization fighting to preserve the effectiveness of antimicrobial drugs since 1981.

  • CDC Get Smart: Website of the CDC campaign`Get Smart for Healthcare´ which aim is is to optimize the use of antimicrobial agents in inpatient healthcare settings by focusing on strategies to help hospitals and other inpatient facilities implement interventions to improve antibiotic use.

  • ESGAP (ESCMID Study Group on Antibiotic Policy):Long standing ESCMID study group focusing on antimicrobial stewardship. Apart from promoting this website conducts several other initiative in this topic such as global antimicrobial survey, educational workshops and other studies.

  • HICSIG(HealthCare Infection Control Special Interest Group), an Infection Prevention & Control resource and networking site for Australia, New Zealand and neighbours. HICSIG is a special interest group of the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID). It contains valuable resoruces on AS on a superwiki framed model.

  • Implementing Antimicrobial Stewardship in Health Care Systems is a multidisciplinary educational initiative to facilitate improvement in antimicrobial use in health systems conducted by ASHPAdvantage (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) with support form the pharmaceutical industry. Activities include the Institutional Impact Antimicrobial Stewardship Mentored Initiative, and CE programming mainly on-demand home study activities and live interactive webinars.

  • PAUSE (Prudent Antimicrobial User Web Site) is a BSAC-funded (British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy) web site of shared standardized teaching materials for prudent antimicrobial prescribing for use in the undergraduate medical curriculum. PAUSE provides standardised teaching aides for all educators of antibiotic prescribing that are based on the ethos of patient-focused, reflective learning. Prepared materials in relation to structure and content for each interactive session, are available for tutors to use (in a power-point) . These resources include patient histories, clinical signs, investigations, questions on diagnosis, assessing severity, appropriate prescribing, public health issues and patient management. Best practice statements and core resource lists are also available.

  • Premier is an alliance of more than 200 american hospitals and health systems aiming to "to improve the health of communities". It has a pharmacists-oriented specific area devoted to antimicrobial stewardship, which includes mainly educational tips and commercial non-free software.

  • Proantibioticos [Spanish]. This website includes information regarding the principles of antimicrobial use and AS. It also contains a blog were entries on education, recent publications and clinical pearls are posted.

  • ReAct(Action on Antimicrobial Resistance) ReAct is an independent global network for concerted action on antibiotic resistance. ReAct acts as a forum for ideas, debate and collaboration between diverse stakeholders. ReAct coordinates many specific activities and concerted action planning with these groups aiming to create the environment for policy, programme and community action on antibiotic resistance at global, national and local levels. One of its main objectives is promoting rational use of antimicrobials.

  • Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group (SAPG). SAPG is a national clinical multi-disciplinary forum formed in March 2008 at the request of the Scottish Government Health Department (SGHD) with representation from key stakeholders including all mainland Health Boards. Its primary objective is to co-ordinate and deliver a national framework for antimicrobial stewardship to enhance the quality of antimicrobial prescribing and management in Scotland. It includes interesting educational resources as well as key indicators for antimicrobial stewardship.

  • SHEA (The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America) Antimicrobial stewardship programs are a central part of SHEA’s mission to reduce healthcare associated infections, optimize patient safety, control costs, and reduce resistance to antimicrobials. Their dedicated web page provide access to online non-free educational activities, guidelines and links to other institutions promoting AS.

  • Swab(The Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy) The major goal of the Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (Dutch acronym is SWAB) is to contribute to the containment of the development of antimicrobial resistance and of the expanding costs of the use of antibiotics. This is achieved by optimizing the use of antibiotics by means of guideline development, education and antibiotic resistance surveillance.