Minutes of June 13th, 2011 Conference

First contact was established on June 13th, 2011, through a conference call moderated by Dilip Nathwani (DN), in which Bojana Beovic (BB), Hakan Hanberger (HH), Leonardo Pagani (LP) and José R. Paño (JRP) co-participated.

Workstream 1 (WS1)

Key objective agreed

Develop the ESGAP website to provide an open forum for seeking and disseminating key information in relation to antimicrobial stewardship.

For whom?
ESGAP/SECMID members, non-members also welcome. Allow collaboraitons with other similasr organsations.

How [access]?
registering and obtaining unique password
Action: BB with JRP, WSI including SA, and ESCMID secratariat [HS,AB]

How much?
no fee

Administration and management:

ESAGP team and ? Serge would be section editors for the material posted on the webiste. Action: JRP, LP, HH, ? SA, ? BB


A. Repository for resource [articles, presentations, web-based etc] on :

  1. Stewardship guidance and information on stewardship activity- courses, conferences, e-activity, dev elop Wiki for stewardship
  2. Tool-kits for stewardship: IV-oral, de-escalation, microbiologiy review, hypersensitivity, care bundles, quality imporvement tools, ABC calculator, gentamicin/vancomycin monitoring etc
  3. Educational Resources : Undergraduate, Postgraduate etc, Non-medical profesional e.g pharmacistsl, patient-public, stewardship course material, instructive clinical vignetees or case studies etc
  4. Links to other stewardship organisations: ISC, SPLIF/Alliance, REACT, STRAMA,SAPG,AUSTRALIA, ECDC, SHEA,CDC/IHI, APUA, WHO etc
  5. Literature Resources: Repository of papers on ASP

Action : JRP with WSI

B. Interactive Platform:

Respond to requests for information from colleagues : initial development of FAQ's in relation to stewardship. Further development of an interactive learning community for stewardship. This would then allow suggestions from colleagues and sharing of information from research studies, web bassed surveys, PPS etc

Action: All workstream 1 group in the future [ next phase of development of this work]
Action: Future

C. Position Paper

To increase awareness of this project and ESGAP activities the group felt that ESGAP would consider producing a brief position paper [possibly be submitted to CMI] on its proposed activities in the future and review previous and current European activity and experience in relation to stewardship. This could be in collaboration with the ABS group if this was deemed appropriate.

Action: LP with ESGAP group

Workstream 2 (WS2)

Not discussed in teleconference but will interact with WS1

A survey should be prepared within WS-2, colleagues from other stewardship organisations should be invited to colaborate in this survey (SHEA [Kavita Trivedi], CDC [Arjun Srivastiva] , Australia [Karin Thursky] , ISC [Gabrieil Levy Hara], SPILF [Serge Alfrandi] , Singapore/HK [David Lye, Singapore and Winnie Sin HK] , Europe [Evelina Tacconelli & others

Phillip Howard's methodology [usinn. g Monkey survery tool] might be used in a pilot phase of the survey, possible integrated with a Belgian methodology. There is already a wide body of enthusiastic support to progress with this project.

Action: PH, CP, SA and others

Proposal November 2011


This may be a very useful basis for our discussion with ESCMID on developing a web-based forum for discussion.